About us

We are part of the Innovation Business Vision family of companies. Our founders have been active working for the world’s top financial and insurance companies for the past 30 years. Our work for these companies has always been focused on successfully executing large change projects. Change starts with good leadership.

As our customers have asked us frequently in the past if we can provide candidates to fill permanent roles as well, we have decided to start Rose people management. We provide our customers with executive search services aimed for executive level jobs and interim contracts at financial institutions, asset management firms, banks and insurance companies. Our geographic focus is Asia and our headquarters is based in Hong Kong. We find people that other recruiters will dismiss. The key to what we do is looking at the attitude, ability and experience of the candidate. To be able to do this we have to look beyond the simple job specification and what the face of the CV says. We will not send through CVs to clients if we do not think that the correct people are available. Instead we will provide empirical insights into how each candidate matches the job requirements.

We utilise the tools and methods developed by Innovation’s consulting companies, also with people that know the industry inside out. It will allow us to recruit great people that standard recruitment methods will miss.

We always look for talented leaders. Please feel free to submit your CV on our website if you are looking for an executive role in the financial services or insurance industry.

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